These are some of the services we offer. 
“Offer” is the operative word – we’ll examine, and we’ll advise and make recommendations, but when it comes to treatment decisions, the choice is always yours.

General Dentistry
We provide all the standard dental care you’d expect, and more.

Preventative Dentistry
We help you stop problems before they start.

We recommend our patients have regular dental cleanings to maintain healthy oral hygiene.

Nightguards are a preventative appliance to prevent damage caused when a person clenches or grinds their teeth at night.

Mouth Guards
Mouth Guards are a preventative appliance we suggest patients wear while participating in sporting activities.

Getting a lighter shade of teeth by removing stain that has developed over time.

To close up tiny cracks and fissures in an effort to prevent future cavities.

Removal of unrestorable teeth.  We work closely with the denturist if dentures are needed.

To protect and restore damaged teeth.

To replace missing teeth and prevent further loss

Implants are the modern method of tooth replacement.  We will help you through this modern and effective method of tooth replacement.